End Queensland’s ‘licence to kill queers’

End Queensland’s ‘licence to kill queers’

A killer who used the “gay panic” defence after he bashed a man to death in a Queensland churchyard has walked free after serving only four years of a nine year sentence.

By claiming he was ‘provoked’ by a gay sexual advance, the killer got the charge against him reduced from murder to manslaughter.

Over 203,000 people have now signed a petition asking for this relic of the past to be abolished.

Premier Campbell Newman has been avoiding questions on the issue.  The Queensland Attorney-General is stalling, saying the government is going to wait until it’s “tested again” in another murder trial.

We can’t wait for another murder, another funeral, another trial and another lack of public outrage.

Activist Damien Stevens says that you can help break the log-jam.

“Can you help us get the message through to him by calling his office? It only takes a couple of minutes, and is super easy.

“Just dial 07 3224 4500. When the receptionist answers the phone, politely say: “My name is ______. I’m calling to urge Campbell Newman to eliminate the “gay panic” defence.

“Please leave a phone message for Newman at 07 3224 4500 right away. Thanks for your help xx”

When making your call, please remember to be polite and don’t forget to sign this petition here.


Editor’s note – We’re the side that wants change.  Every day there is no change to the law our opponents win.  After you’ve called the Premier’s office on 07 3224 4500, go look at our guide on getting politicians to listen to you.

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