Even my cat is metrosexual

Even my cat is metrosexual

No, really. He is. My cat is a beautiful little Himalayan boy with bright blue eyes, dark seal points, and toe fluff that makes him skid out on tile floors. He has a high pitched little ‘voice’ and preens with the best of them. I think he might be channeling his inner drag queen at times. His favorite thing to do is play The Floor is Lava, all day; every day. Seriously, this cat will not lay on the floor if he can help it. If you’ve got shoes on the floor, he’s resting on top of them. A shirt discarded on the couch? Kitty blanket. Toolbox? It’s scaled like a mini everest where he perches like a tiny kitty loaf and watches the world go by. My brother has moved his toolbox all around our house, and the cat will climb it no matter where he puts it. His favorite spot is the window, like all cats. Windows or on top of plastic bags.

Why does this make my cat metrosexual? He’s entirely too pretty for his own good, and if he hadn’t been fixed before he even knew what his bits were, I’m pretty sure he’d love the ladies. Gender stereotypes are just about as ridiculous as my having a metrosexual cat. Mainstream culture has realized that ‘boys’ don’t act in only one fashion, and ‘girls’ no longer only belong in the kitchen. (First one to make a sandwich joke gets punched.)

All over the world, people are realizing that it’s okay to not adhere to gender stereotypes so strictly it strangles you. Pink, purple, light blue, and mint green are all very popular male fashion color pallets for back-to-school this year, and women’s clothing is getting trendy pieces that allow them to wear what they like instead of what society thinks they should. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but there is some definite hope on the horizon. (Although, this is nowhere near done. Women’s forced stereotypical gender roles with clothing is another article for another day!)

Many schools are putting into place bans on discrimination based on what their students wear, and gender variant students are more and more allowed to wear what their gender identity represents–as opposed to their assigned sex at birth.

Maybe there’s hope for my metrosexual cat after all, once I chase him off the toolbox.

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