Do you have a story for us?

Did you know that the Equal Love Campaign has over 32,000 fans on Facebook? And that we have over 2,500 Twitter followers?

Clearly one person can’t do it all.

That’s why the Equal Love Campaign team is asking for your help.  We’re looking for people to serve as guest bloggers on this website.

We welcome news, opinion and analysis, local stories about LBGTI events, or anything else you’d like to talk about.

The annoying fine print:

  • Stories must be your original work (including any photos, or any other content);
  • By submitting content to us, you give us permission to use it for as long as this website exists, or forever (whichever is longer);
  • We won’t pay you, ever (we don’t have any money);
  • We might not publish everything; and,
  • From time to time we might edit some stories (but don’t worry: we will get your OK on the final version before we publish it).

Do you have something to say about the fight for marriage equality and gay rights? Email us at or Tweet us @32001names

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