Christian lobby encourages kidnapping children from same-sex families

Christian lobby encourages kidnapping children from same-sex families

On the same day that the Australian Christian Lobby sent out a press release warning that Tasmania’s proposed gay marriage laws are going to lead to a new ‘stolen generation’, American evangelical Christian Bryan Fischer has taken to Twitter to encourage people to kidnap the children of gay and lesbian couples.

Surely this is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Bryan Fischer is a powerful media voice in the United States, heard daily by about a million people in 38 states, and syndicated across almost 200 Christian radio stations.  He is explicitly advocating the kidnapping of children simply because they gay parents.

But what does this have to do with the ACL?

In a press release on the same day the ACL’s Tasmania Director Mark Brown said:

 “In 20 or 30 years, we will have a generation who will say, `who made the decision I should never have had a mother or father?’

“Are we not learning from the mistakes of the past – situations like the forced adoptions and stolen generation – where children are taken from their biological parents and raised by someone else?

This isn’t the first time the ACL has compared gay parenting to the Stolen Generation – Wendy Francis, Queensland director of the ACL made this comparison during her run for the senate, telling the Sydney Morning Herald that:

“We had a stolen generation and we saw that that social experiment left children confused, they were without the right to have their mother and father and for me I think the right of the child is to have a mother and a father”

This was after Mrs Francis tweeted:

“Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse.”

My concern is that when the organised religious lobby is calling same-sex parenting “child abuse” (in so many words) and religious leaders like Bryan Fischer says that the world needs an “Underground Railroad” to free the children of same-sex couples and gay people, you can bet there are some people who are working on it.

In fact they are:

Let’s take the example of Lisa Miller – a former lesbian “cured” by one of those ex-gay programs that the head of Exodus International admits doesn’t work.  Ms Miller kidnapped a child from her former partner, and then removed the child from the United States and took her to Nicaragua where they were sheltered by missionaries.

Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor is on currently on trial for helping Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter before a judge could transfer custody of the child to Lisa Miller’s former partner.

In his show, Mr Fischer said that he stands by his tweets and that it is a shame that the pastor is on trial.  He asked his show’s callers if they would kidnap children to save them from same-sex parenting.  On his show Mr Fischer said that he was glad that there was an underground railroad kidnapping children and taking them to Nicaragua because it’s necessary to protect children. American “family” groups have also sent out press releases supporting the kidnapping.

“We must obey God’s law, not man’s law,” Fischer said

Perhaps the most worrying part of this story is the ACL’s reaction.  Mr Brown hasn’t returned my call.  However, Lyle Shelton (Chief of staff of the ACL) did return my call.  Mr Shelton said that the ACL would not be issuing a media release condemning Mr Fischer’s position and that kidnapping children is a non-issue in Australia.  Mr Shelton confirmed that Mrs Francis’ views are widely held in the Australian Christian Lobby.

I’m terribly worried that things happening in America usually come to Australia in short-order.  How long will it be until we see people claiming homophobic kidnapping is a form of “religious freedom”?


Have you read Bev Caddy’s article? As a proud Christian woman Bev says plainly and clearly “The ACL doesn’t speak for me”  Or perhaps you’d like to read what the bible really said about homosexuality.   Doctors for Marriage Equality leader, Dr Villis has also spelled out how same-sex marriage will benefit children.


Please note – this story has been modified from the original to include Mr Shelton’s comments.

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