Pre-birth testing for “gayness” coming soon

Pre-birth testing for “gayness” coming soon

Imagine a world where, along with tests for Downe Syndrome, (and other genetic abnormalities) an unborn baby was tested for “gayness”.  In a few years this will be our reality according to Professor Klitzman of Columbia University.

Professor Klitzman has told New Zealand television that tests are being developed to look for autism, Alzheimer’s and various types of cancers in unborn Children.

“We may [also] find tests [for] homosexuality” he said.

Right now there are lots of pre-birth tests for babies, usually for congenital illnesses and expectant parents often face a harrowing choice of raising a child with a chronic medical condition, or aborting the child.  Genetic testing of embryos is also standard practice in IVF clinics, where “flawed” embryos are usually destroyed.

“So over the next few years as we develop more genetic testing, as the price goes down [and] it becomes very affordable to do this, these will be the questions that millions of people will face,” Klitzman said.

When asked where the line should be drawn, Professor Klitzman argued that society needs to have a debate about the ethics of such testing and where the line should be drawn.

All of this raises a very serious point – there is a high correlation between homophobia and opposing a woman’s right to chose.  Would the members of the Westborough church, the Catholic Church’s hierarchy or the Australian Christian Lobby for instance make an exception to their “no abortions, ever” position where gay babies are concerned?

There is a silver lining in this ethical quagmire: such a test would prove, definitively that people are born gay.

Would you choose to have a gay baby?


Have you seen James’ YouTube video where he looks at all the causes of “gayness”?  You should go check it out.


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