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We think it is really important to be open, honest and up-front with you.  By using this site, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to these key points.

Privacy Policy –

Our guiding principle shall be to treat anything we know about you the way we would want it treated if it were about us.

  1. If you chose to register or subscribe to this site (or leave a comment on this site) you will collect information about you (including your IP address).  We will use this information to provide this site.  We will not sell, give away, lease or spam your email address or other information (unless compelled by law).  If we find you interesting, we might contact you using any of the contact details you provide us.  We might also send you messages or contact you about new content on this site or campaign updates;
  2. We do collect anonymous information about our visitors, however these statistics are of a general nature (the standard things found in most web-analytics packages like device type, browser version, what articles are most popular, what links brought you here and so on).  And, we do disclose these statistics to other organisations from time to time (for instance to secure financial support, or in a press release, etc.).  However, we cannot identify an individual based on these user patterns;
  3. We do use third-party providers (such as our web-hosting provider, advertising providers, Google, nRelate,, DoubleClick and others) as well as their tools, products and services to provide this website.  This site may also pass information about you, your equipment, your session, use cookies or other technical trickery to work with those third parties that help us deliver this service or analytics about this service.  Obviously we do not control these third-party tools and are not responsible for how they handle information about you.  We will only use providers who we believe operate in good-faith.  Given the nature of the Internet, information about you will probably cross international borders; and,
  4. We do provide links to information and other content not on this website.  For obvious reasons we cannot be held responsible for any content held on other websites or their privacy policies.

Editorial Policy –

We will try to be fair and reasonable in all things we report, discuss and talk about.

  1. We will strive to ensure accuracy, fairness and quality in our site’s content.  However, we are an opinion driven website with a clear position that gay rights are human rights.  We do not shy away from that position.  We also provide no warranty for any information on this site – it may not be accurate, fair or reasonable;
  2. Our site is political in nature.  It is intended for a mature audience of people who are free to engage in political discourse.  There is (from time to time) some “colourful” content that might not be appropriate for kids, your work environment or any kind of consumption.  If you access this site, you are responsible for any consequence of that, or any decision, or behaviour you may be inspired to take by this website; and,
  3. Our preference is to publish articles under their creators real name.  From time to time this may not be possible.  Unless compelled by law, we will not disclose information about our contributors, sources, or anyone involved in the production of this site without their consent.
Other important points  
By visiting this site, you agree to behave like a civil, responsible and reasonable adult who is in charge of their own actions and responsible for their own behaviour and well-being.
  1. The information on this site is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own personal situation and requirements before making any decisions, especially financial, political or legal – we recommend you get professional advice that considers your specific needs and circumstances;
  2. Like any website we can be hacked at any time and information may be stolen.  Even though we will try to prevent this, we do not guarantee to prevent any information you give us falling into the wrong hands.  We will do our best to maintain a reasonable level of security on an all-care and no responsibility basis;
  3. As you might expect we provide no warranty (express or implied) for anything on this site, nor promise anything, ever;
  4. We do not want any form of bullying, harassment or incivility on our website.  We will try our best to stop these things, however we may not know how to, or it may not be within our power.  If we believe that someone is in danger or may commit a crime, we may inform the authorities and give them any information we may have.  However, if everyone behaves like a civil, reasonable adult on this website, this issue should never arise;
  5. By using this site, you acknowledge that it is provided by an amateur enthusiast on a best-effort, and no responsibility basis and that you will not hold anyone involved with this site responsible (legally, ethically or morally) for anything related to this site in anyway; and,
  6. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

If you’re concerned about this policy, or anything on this site, or want to contribute in some way please feel free to contact outlining your concerns.  We will try and work with you to address your issues.

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