Teaching Bob Katter a few new words

Teaching Bob Katter a few new words

This is an open letter I sent to Bob Katter on 13 March…

Dear Mr. Katter,

I refer to your interview with 3AW in Melbourne on 12 March 2012 with Neil Mitchell in which you denied that you were homophobic, but claimed to “not even know what the word means.”

Frankly, I was surprised – you have on many occasions so proudly declared your academic achievements in Senior English – you are clearly not an idiot, nor usually willfully ignorant about the lives of your constituents.  As one of your constituents, I need you to at least understand the meaning of these following five words.


The belief that everyone is, or should be, heterosexual and that other types of sexualities or gender identities are unhealthy, unnatural, and a threat to society.  Heterosexism includes homophobia (see below), transphobia (see below) and a fear of intersex people who challenge the heterosexist assumption that there are only two sexes.


The fear and hatred of lesbians and gay men and of their sexual desires and practices that often leads to discriminatory behaviour or abuse.


An umbrella term and, for some people, an identity term used to describe all kinds of people who sit outside the gender binary or whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned to them at birth. Transgender people may or may not feel the need to access hormone therapy and/or surgery.


A fear and hatred of people who are transgender that often leads to discriminatory behaviour or abuse.


The state of being born with both male and female sexual characteristics: sometimes incorrectly referred to as being a hermaphrodite.


(letter continues after the ad)

I don’t know what is in your heart – however your behavior does indicate a strongly heterosexist world-view and it would seem that you do engage in homophobic behaviour to gain media attention for your political ambitions.

11% of Teenagers are same-sex attracted.  30% of them will attempt serious self-harm or suicide, compared to the 14% of straight teens.  Both of those numbers are too high.  Since you won’t pick a date for our walk to Cloncurry to raise money for suicide prevention, would you please (and at the very least) stop publicly vilifying Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered and Intersex individuals for political gain?  You may know them collectively as “pooftahs” and while you may genuinely prefer that they top themselves, I would ask on behalf of their families that you just leave them alone.



James Newburrie.


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